Puerto Chico

Its constructions date from the beginning of the 20th century, when it was an important port and was enabled for bathing. At that time the main nightclubs of the city were concentrated here.

Puerto Varas is a tourist destination par

excellence, therefore there is a wide

range of activities that can be carried

out throughout the area, from citytours

to sailing in Patagonian lakes, climbing

The Osorno volcano or fly fishing in

sectors with world recognition in the

region. subject.


The Visit Puerto Varas directory is made up of:

President : Victor Wellmann
VicePresident : Consuelo Fernandez
Secretary : Jaco Pretorius
Treasurer : Fernando Ortúzar

Director:  Hugo Bofill
Director : René ten Berg
Director : Crescencio Ávila

Manager: Alejandra Zúñiga V. – alejandra.zuniga@visitpuertovaras.cl




Address: Los Lagos, Puerto Varas, Chile